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Thread: Signatures...Five Nicest Looking and Five Ugliest Looking...

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    Signatures...Five Nicest Looking and Five Ugliest Looking...

    This is somewhat different from my "signing peculiarities" thread in that, in your opinion, I'd like to know what you think the top five nicest looking and top five ugliest signatures are. They can be from any player of any era in baseball. Here are my top five and bottom five...first the top five...

    1. Gene Lillard, post-career. Move over, John Hancock! Lillard's virtually impossible to fake signature came about as a result of his love of calligraphy. The result is an incredibly elaborate yet very legible, 1700's style signature you'd expect more to see on the Declaration of Independence than on the index cards he so frequently signed.
    2. Sandy Koufax. For some reason, I've always thought Sandy had the nicest-looking signature of any ballplayer, ever, until I saw Gene Lillard. Flowed so nicely, and from such a great pitcher, to boot.
    3. Don Demeter. The third baseman/outfielder for several teams in the 1960's has to be given credit for creativity. If you've ever seen a Don Demeter signature, you'll never forget it with those big, looping D's.
    4. Pedro Martinez. For some reason, I've always liked Pedro's sig. Very elaborate, but also very readable.
    5. Mickey Mantle. Another one that falls into the category of "very elaborate" and "very iconic." Although I always liked Willie Mays better as a ballplayer, I thought Mickey's signature was nicer.

    Bottom 5

    1. John Danks. Ironically, his brother, Jordan, signs pretty good. If you can make out ANY letter Danks signs, then all the power to you.
    2. Angel Villalona. Sloppily printed in tiny lettering; it would beat John Danks's if it was illegible.
    3. Greg Maddux. Seems to read "Lo Gviy." The funny thing is, Maddux's inscriptions are always very legible and neatly signed, so he doesn't get an excuse on this one.
    4. Andrew Miller. You can make out the "A" (kinda) and the "M," but outside that, it's just a painful-looking squiggle.
    5. Wally Bunker. It's literally nothing more than a scribble. You can make out one letter, maybe two if you're lucky.

    How about you guys?
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    1. Michael Cuddyer - Very Legible, Great stroke
    2. Mariano Rivera - Legible, neat
    3. Joe Nathan - unique, but legible and the loops are very neat looking
    4. Boog Powell - Very legible
    5. Jake Westbrook - just a legible, great looking autograph


    1. John Shelby: Completely illegible and too big
    2. Chone figgins: Just a few loops
    3. AJ Pierzynski : Too big and not very legible
    4. Jason Michaels: illegible. does not look like "Jason Michaels"
    5. Melvin Mora - Does not look like "Melvin Mora", and looks like a bunch of scribbles

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    Joe Dimaggio
    John Smoltz
    Bobby Thomson
    Lance Broadway
    Tom Glavine

    Gary Majewski
    Greg Maddux
    Yunel Escobar
    Jeff Francoeur
    Manny Ramirez
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    Andre Dawson
    Stan Musial
    Don Sutton
    Phil Niekro
    Bobby Doerr


    Don Baylor
    Jeff Francoeur
    Jose Rijo
    Mike Fontenot
    Greg Maddux

    Maybe in Francoeur's and Fontenot's defense they abbreviate without spelling out their last name's each time, but no way can you make out 'Greg' Maddux' from that scribble.
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    5 nicest looking:
    Ted Williams
    Dom DiMaggio
    Carlton Fisk
    Johnny Pesky
    Carl Yastrzemski

    5 worst looking:
    Derek Lowe
    Manny Ramirez
    Dustin Pedroia
    Nomar Garciaparra
    David Ortiz

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    1. Marty Marion (by far - see below)
    2. Willie Mays
    3. Mickey Mantle
    4. Steve Garvey
    5. Pete Rose

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