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Thread: Bat Repair

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    Bat Repair

    I recently bought a cheap, used 32/27 "transition" bat for my son off a popular auction site. It's a Louisville Slugger TPXXLS, 2 5/8 barrel. He smacked three balls with it in last nights game, two doubles and shot caught by the 3B. On the last hit the end cap of the bat blew off. Is it possible to repair this with a strong epoxy or other means?

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    You can purchase end caps from most baseball supply places, baseball express etc. They are company specific and usually just snap or slide in. They are not expensive- usually under 15-20 dollars.

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    I should have noted in the OP that the end cap cracked unevenly when it blew off. I've contacted BBExpress and did an on-line search, no luck so far. A member at suggested a rearview mirror re-attachment kit which sounds plausible, that stuff is strong...

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    Thanks, I fcame across that earlier. They're out of stock until at least 5/17, 'da boy has 7 games between now and then...

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    Problem Solved!!!!!

    One call to H&B / Louisville Slugger customer service and I am handled! New end cap to be mailed today free of charge, for a bat that's probably 7-8 years old. I had heard that nobody in the baseball business was better at satisfying customers than H&B. Point proven...Thanks H&B!
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