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Thread: Approximate value of a Babe Ruth signed baseball?

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    Approximate value of a Babe Ruth signed baseball?

    I have a friend who showed me a baseball signed by Babe Ruth the other day. The ball was signed in 1927 (engraved on stand) and is sitting on a small trophy like pedestal with the ball enclosed in a plastic covering. I believe the kid who originally got the ball won a contest and got to spend some time one weekend with Babe Ruth. I think it has some other type of authentification but not sure what. The ball looks to be in very good shape.

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    There's a pretty big range on ebay. Anywhere from $1,000 to maybe $35,000+.
    It depends on the signature, the type of ball, the condition of the ball, and the provenance.

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    Would need to see a picture of the ball to give an estimate. Babe Ruth signed balls were very common in the 1930s. An oil company called Sinclair had a give away with thousands going out. He also signed many many balls for kids in person.

    Value is determined by...
    If Ruth is the only signature on the ball it is worth more than a multi sig ball. How bold the signature is.
    Official AL balls (Reach, Spalding), especially Red and Blue stitched balls bring the most $$.

    Bottom line... it will also need to be authenticated by PSA/DNA to get top $$.
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    JUst make sure its now a clubhouse sig. If it was not actually signed in 1927, you need to make sure it wasnt signed by his wife or anything. In his later years when he developed cancer, his wife ghostsigned a lot of things that are still hard to detect today.
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    Babe Ruth ball

    I will try to get some more information on the ball. Thanks for the replies


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