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Thread: Top pitchers by decade-40's

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    Top pitchers by decade-40's

    What are your top ten pitchers of the 40's. Does the war play an effect. If it does, how?
    I'll post mine soon. I will also post the results for the 60's soon.

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    Top 10 Pitchers of the 40s

    This is, perhaps, the toughest of all the lists to compile due to the war. I think it is morally wrong to hold player's service time against them. And although we can never know what potential could have or would have been -- it must be considered.

    Top 10 Pitcher of the 40s
    1.) Bob Feller
    2.) Satchel Paige
    3.) Hal Newhouser
    4.) Spud Chandler
    5.) Hilton Smith
    6.) Johnny Vander Meer
    7.) Allie Reynolds
    8.) Red Ruffing
    9.) Virgil Trucks
    10.) Kirby Higbe

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    --The war does greatly complicate ranking players from the 40s. Some, most notably Feller amoung pitchers, missed a big chunck of time. Others got the benefit of facing lesser competition. Still more either saw their careers end early or start late due to the war. Also, this is the first decade where Negro Leaguers need to be considered.
    1) Hal Newhouser - even docking him some for WWII competion, had an awesome 40s
    2) Bob Feller - it harder to know how to adjust for pitchers due to their higher injury rates and tendancy to wear down faster, but Rapid Robert missed some prime years
    3) Satchel Paige - not even his best decade (30s)
    4) Mort Cooper - best of a crowd of terrific RedBird pitchers
    5) Bill Byrd - last great Negro League pitcher
    6) Luis Tiant Sr - supposed better than Jr
    7) Dutch Leonard
    8) Harry Breechen
    9) Spud Chandler
    10) Virgil Trucks

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    Here are mine.
    1. Bob Feller
    2. Hal Newhouser
    3. Johnny Sain
    4. Mort Cooper
    5. Spud Chandler
    6. Dizzy Trout
    7. Warren Spahn
    8. Howie Pollet
    9. Harry Brecheen
    10. tex Hughson

    Feller was the best of the decade when not serving our country. Newhouser was the greatest wartime pitcher and had some good years after the war,too. The others either were wartime or postwar greats. It is hard to rank a decade when service is interrupted by a major world event like WW2.

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    1. Hal Newhouser
    2. Dizzy Trout
    3. Bob Feller
    4. Dutch Leonard
    5. Rip Sewell
    6. Bucky Walters
    7. Bobo Newsom
    8. Mort Cooper
    9. Spud Chandler
    10. Harry Brecheen
    11. Harry Gumbert

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    1 Hal Newhouser
    2 Dizzy Trout
    3 Harry Brecheen
    4 Bob Feller
    5 Tex Hughson
    6 Mort Cooper
    7 Spud Chandler
    8 Dutch Leonard
    9 Howie Pollet
    10 Tiny Bonham
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    1. Hal Newhouser
    2. Bob Feller
    3. Satchel Paige
    4. Dizzy Trout
    5. Mort Cooper
    6. Harry Brecheen
    7. Spud Chandler
    8. Dutch Leonard
    9. Virgil Trucks
    10.Hilton Smith
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    Hal Newhouser
    Bob Feller
    Mort Cooper
    Claude Passeau
    Harry Brecheen
    Spud Chanler
    Bucky Walters
    Dizzy Trout
    Dutch Leonard
    Rip Sewell
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