View Poll Results: Which of these pitchers should make the Hall of Fame when they retire?

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  • Mariano Rivera

    21 100.00%
  • Francisco Cordero

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  • Jason Isringhausen

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  • Francisco Rodriguez

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  • Joe Nathan

    1 4.76%
  • Jose Valverde

    0 0%
  • Jon Papelbon

    1 4.76%
  • Brad Lidge

    0 0%
  • Brian Fuentes

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  • Huston Street

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  • Bobby Jenks

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  • Brian Wilson

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  • JJ Putz

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  • Joakim Soria

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  • None of the above

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Thread: Today's pitchers with 150+ saves: 2012 edition

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    Today's pitchers with 150+ saves: 2012 edition

    Currently, Baseball-Reference lists 14 pitchers as "active" who have 150 or more saves. Those pitchers are:

    Mariano Rivera, 608 saves
    Francisco Cordero, 329 saves
    Jason Isringhausen, 300 saves
    Francisco Rodriguez, 292 saves
    Joe Nathan, 274 saves
    Jose Valverde, 254 saves
    Jonathan Papelbon, 236 saves
    Brad Lidge, 225 saves
    Brian Fuentes, 204 saves
    Huston Street, 185 saves
    Bobby Jenks, 173 saves
    Brian Wilson, 171 saves
    JJ Putz, 164 saves
    Joakim Soria, 160 saves

    New pitchers to the list are:

    JJ Putz
    Joakim Soria

    Pitchers who dropped off from last year are:


    Pitchers who "just" missed making this list are Heath Bell (147 saves) and Kevin Gregg (144 saves).

    Here are the percentages from last year:

    Mariano Rivera, 95.24%
    Jonathan Papelbon, 4.76%
    Everyone else, 0.00%

    So, which of these guys do you think should make it to the Hall of Fame?

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    I'm not a fan of the "closer" role but for Mariano I will make an exception.

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    It's tempting to just check Rivera's box and call it a day.

    To be interesting, though, I'll check Nathan and Papelbon too. Both of them have peripherals that are strong enough that if closers start getting into the HOF regularly, they could be candidates. Both are pitching at a high level in 2012 and look to pad their career totals substantially. So, they've got a shot.

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    Just Rivera for Me.
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    Only Mo out of the group has a shot.

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    Rivera is the only one that does it for me, as well.

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    Just Rivera, but I can see Papelbon eventually getting there, assuming a long career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowtipper View Post
    Rivera is the only one that does it for me, as well.
    I agree with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjpm74 View Post
    Just Rivera, but I can see Papelbon eventually getting there, assuming a long career.
    I agree with this. Rivera's already done it. I also think Papelbon could make it, but I've seen too many pitchers look like they've got a shot only to experience arm trouble and never get any closer to induction to have any conviction he will make it.
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    Career projections:

    Mariano Rivera: 656 SV
    Jon Papelbon: 448 SV
    Francisco Rodriguez: 416 SV
    Francisco Cordero: 413 SV
    Jose Valverde: 407 SV
    Brian Wilson: 388 SV
    Joakim Soria: 385 SV
    Huston Street: 362 SV
    Joe Nathan: 322 SV
    Jason Isringhausen: 303 SV
    Brad Lidge: 297 SV
    Bobby Jenks: 284 SV
    Brian Fuentes: 264 SV
    JJ Putz: 253 SV

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    Voting results from years past:

    			2011		2010
    FranciscoCordero	0		0
    Brian	Fuentes		0		0
    Trevor	Hoffman				53.85
    Jason	Isringhausen	0		
    Bobby 	Jenks		0		0
    Brad	Lidge		0		0
    Joe	Nathan		0		3.85
    Jon	Papelbon	4.76		3.85
    Mariano	Rivera		95.24		84.62
    FranciscoRodriguez	0		3.85
    Huston	Street		0		
    Jose 	Valverde	0		0
    Billy 	Wagner				26.92
    Brian 	Wilson		0

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    Most similar players. First, their most similar players by career totals, then through the pitcher's current age:

    Mariano Rivera: Trevor Hoffman, Trevor Hoffman
    Francisco Cordero: Jeff Montgomery, Roberto Hernandez
    Jason Isringhausen: Jeff Montgomery, Roberto Hernandez
    Francisco Rodriguez: Tom Henke, Bruce Sutter
    Joe Nathan: Todd Worrell, Tom Henke
    Jose Valverde: Brad Lidge, Troy Percival
    Jon Papelbon: Bryan Harvey, Bryan Harvey
    Brad Lidge: Ugueth Urbina, Francisco Cordero
    Brian Fuentes: Brad Lidge, Damaso Marte
    Huston Street: JJ Putz, Bobby Thigpen
    Bobby Jenks: Brian Wilson, Jose Valverde
    Brian Wilson: Bobby Jenks, Bobby Jenks
    JJ Putz: Heath Bell, Todd Worrell
    Joakim Soria: Bryan Harvey, Gregg Olson

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    Mariano Rivera, to me, is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and the future standard for Hall of Fame closers. Mo has 12 seasons with an ERA+ of 200 or higher, 2 seasons of an ERA+ of 300 or higher, and currently has a career 206 ERA+

    Nathan has had 5 seasons of an ERA+ 200 or higher (and is over 200 this year) and one season over 300, his career ERA+ is 154

    Papelbon has had 2 seasons of ERA+ over 200 and one over 300 (when he had an incredible 517 ERA+ in 2006! His career ERA+ is 192

    Papelbon has a better shot because he is much younger and has been much more successful in the postseason. A few more great postseasons along with 4 or 5 great seasons and he should be in

    Nathan will need a few more amazing seasons and a few incredible postseasons to overcome his career 7.88 postseason ERA (yeah, I know ERA scores for closers are not exactly super important stats, but HOF voters look at that stat....


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