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Thread: 2012 Topps Error Cards or what......?

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    2012 Topps Error Cards or what......?

    Im sure most of you have heard about the Skip Schumaker base card that shows 3B above the what should be 2B column for the stats on the back of the card?
    I started looking at other player cards and there are many more with the same issue. Others are correct and do have the 2B where it should be.
    Is the considered an error? I thoughts so until I saw it on many other cards.
    Not sure i've ever heard of Topps screwing up this much. Has anyone of heard anthing about these cards?

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    Yes, they're errors. It wouldn't surprise me if it was on purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipitch View Post
    Yes, they're errors. It wouldn't surprise me if it was on purpose.
    Speaking of which, I have a Franklin Gutierrez card that has pitching stats on the back - found that a bit odd.

    Regarding the "3B" listed twice, it seems like nearly all the position player cards I have are that way. In fact, fewer seem to be correct.
    I'm starting to think that Topps won't even fix this issue. We'll see.
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    I believe I read all vertical non-rookies are wrong. Hopefully it won't be corrected, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was. Anything for money.

    Game-changing indeed.


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