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Thread: Record album of Caray/Buck play-by-play from '64 Pennant drive

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    Wink Record album of Caray/Buck play-by-play from '64 Pennant drive

    I listened to an old vinyl album I had containing highlights of the Cardinals drive to the 1964 pennant including actual play by play excerpts from broadcasts of critical games and digitized it for posterity. The games are called by Harry Caray and Jack Buck, of course.

    I was only five years old then, but I listened to Harry Caray many nights from '66-69. It's interesting to hear how much Harry gets excited and also down in the dumps when the Cardinals are playing well (or not so well). I know that it used to drive my father nuts that he was "over exaggerating" all the time. But it is fun to listen to, almost 50 years later. And Harry does predict a pennant early in the year (though he probably did that every year ... even with the Cubs! ) And of course it was one of the classic pennant drives of all-times (on Sept. 20 the Cardinals were tied with Cincinnati for second place, 6.5 games behind Philadelphia.)

    If anyone would like to listen to this album, I apologize I cannot send you a file (because I'm a copyright lawyer in real life and have scruples about these things). However, I deposited the album in the digital content exchange and you can borrow it from me for two days for free (streaming only, no download). To sign up with the exchange is free as well. (During those two days, I will not be able to listen to it myself)

    (Go to After you get logged in, do a catalog search for "Cardinals World Champions" and hit the button labeled "theDCE").
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    I have that old album myself. It's wonderful. I especially love the excerpt where Harry got in touch with Bob Prince, the Pirates' broadcaster, and the Cards' stations "dipped-into" the very late-night Pirate broadcast of their game--after the Cardinal game was over. The Pirates won that night on a suicide squeeze bunt, and this left the Cards in first place.

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    "A high pop foul.............McCarver's there..............The..Cardinals win the penant! The Cardinals win the penant!"

    Yeah, that album is priceless.
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    If anyone wants this record on mp3 format.... PM me.

    "Herman Franks to Sal Yvars to Bobby Thomson. Ralph Branca to Bobby Thomson to Helen Rita... cue Russ Hodges."

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    I would be interested in tracking down a copy of this album in any playable format.
    Shoot me an email at if you have any ideas.

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    Thanks brownie&45'sfan for loaning me the album so to speak.
    James at thedce stepped me through the process and it ended up working great.
    I plan on listening a couple of more times before I give it back.

    I'm still interested in a permanent copy if anyone hears of anything.

  7. Ken Boyer Sports Champions Auravision Record

    I was wondering if anyone might have an mp3 of this 33-1/2 RPM record? I have one, but I don't have a record player. Thanks!


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